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Men’s Shearling Gloves – Taupe


One Size

100% Leather

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Review for Willow Snood
Willow Snood Review

Recently while visiting Devon for a week, one of my friends came back to dinner with this snood on. The rest of us gals fell in love with it and we sent her back to the shop the next day to buy three more. I’ve worn this in London, on my tours of various areas and now at my home in Texas, US. Every time I wear this, even though the colours are subtle, I get compliments. Not only is it wonderfully soft and just the right size for a snood, but it seems to be well paired with so many outfits and looks casual or more refined, depending on the other garments being worn. I love this!

Review for Purr Scarf - Navy
Love this scarf!

This scarf goes really well with both casual and smart outfits

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